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Visitor Center

New Educational Exhibits Move the Garden into the Next Century

October 2011

A wall–mounted digital map? Instantaneous Garden news updates? Interactive botanical exhibits? These features are among the dozens of interpretive innovations that will be appearing soon in a building near you—the new Visitor Center at BBG in spring 2012. Sonal Bhatt, BBG’s director of Interpretation and Exhibitions, and the award-winning exhibition design firm Thinc have combined forces to create vibrant multimedia and interactive pieces that will equip visitors with the tools to enjoy an enhanced experience in the Garden. The installation will engage visitors while encouraging them to slow down and savor the details and the nuances, the science
and the spectacle of the plant kingdom throughout the Garden. This new exhibit is
just one of the ways BBG’s Campaign for the Next Century is working to provide
fresh insight into the botanical world.

Green Facts

The Garden is working to save water, and you can too. The average New York home wastes as much as 11,000 gallons of water each year—that’s 30 gallons a day!