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Visitor Center
Visitor Center

New Life at the New Visitor Center

July 2012

Just a few months into its first year, the Garden's Visitor Center is already attracting wildlife. BBG gardener Barry Rogers, who oversees the plantings on the living roof, has spotted a mother rabbit and four babies nesting in the newly planted berm, a mockingbird nest in one of the new hawthorn trees, and most surprising of all, a well-camouflaged duck nest among the tall grasses on the living roof last week. He predicts that the six eggs will hatch mid-summer. We’re so pleased that species from the animal and plant kingdoms feel welcome and at home at the new building!

Green Facts

The Garden is working to save water, and you can too. The average New York home wastes as much as 11,000 gallons of water each year—that’s 30 gallons a day!