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A Roof Grows in Brooklyn

April 2011

The building is still in progress, but the growing season has begun for some of the plants that will be featured on the new Visitor Center’s living roof. Working closely with the Garden’s horticulturists and scientists, the Manhattan-based company New York Green Roofs, LLC, has created an innovative plan that will expand the horizons of green roof horticulture and demonstrate how living roofs can be integrated into the surrounding landscape. The seedlings pictured here, of Penstemon digitalis, represent just one of the diverse and eye-catching drought-resistant species that will be part of this compelling and educational four-season display.

Green Roof seedlings

Green Facts

The Garden is working to save water, and you can too. The average New York home wastes as much as 11,000 gallons of water each year—that’s 30 gallons a day!