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Community Garden

Greening Beyond the Garden

The Garden’s new and expanded outreach programs will help hundreds of thousands of community members through hands-on horticultural field training. These initiatives continue BBG’s commitment to extend beyond the borders of the Garden to create a greener Brooklyn.

A Closer Look at BBG's Work in the Community

Brooklyn Urban Gardener

The Brooklyn Urban Gardener Program (BUG) trains a local network of volunteer educator-advocates to become horticultural leaders able to organize and support independent greening projects in their own communities.

Community Garden Alliance

The Greenbridge Community Garden Alliance supports a growing number of local gardens with classes and training in urban gardening and conservation.

Street Tree Stewardship

As partners with the MillionTreesNYC Stewardship Corps, BBG works to ensure the long-term health of New York City’s street trees through public education in their care and protection.

More Campaign Projects

Green Facts

There are fewer acres of green space per person in NYC than in almost any other American city. As more people settle in our neighborhoods, green space becomes even more important!