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Herb Garden

New Herb Garden

Opened June 2010

BBG’s newest garden, two and a half times the size of the former Herb Garden, showcases an artfully planted collection of edible plants including vegetables, fruits, and herbs from around the world. The seasonally rotating display highlights sustainable gardening practices, demonstrates how to maximize productivity in small spaces, and offers practical models for urban gardeners.

Learn more about the history and design of the Herb Garden.

A Closer Look at the Herb Garden

The Origins of Food

Mirroring Brooklyn’s cultural diversity, the new Herb Garden grows edible plants from all over the globe. Interpretation consoles and chalkboards provide information on the origins, botany, and use of the plants on display, enhancing educational opportunities and sharing the stories of foods that have become part of our daily cuisine.

Sustainable Horticulture

The new Herb Garden models sustainable horticultural practices and serves as a living classroom for home gardening, cooking, and other demonstrations. Visitors can observe a working compost station and permanent cold frame among other active practices of sustainable soil building and crop rotation.

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Green Facts

100 years ago, Brooklyn farmers grew more food than anywhere else in America except Queens!