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Pine Barrens

Expanded Native Flora Garden

Opened June 2013

A one-acre expansion of the 101-year-old Native Flora Garden restores two important ecosystems—a coastal plain meadow and pine barrens, each a unique and threatened local habitat. The expansion furthers the Garden’s effort in plant conservation and reinforces its role as a resource for learning about native ecosystems.

Locally sourced flora has been a priority in the development of the new habitats, and careful records are being kept for the provenance of each plant added to the garden. To preserve genetic diversity, much of the plant material has been collected from within 100 miles of BBG.

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Photos: Albert Vecerka/Esto

A Closer Look at the Native Flora Garden

Pine Barrens

The pine barrens habitat contains both dry and wet plant communities found in coastal New Jersey and Long Island. The dry, sandy upland habitat is home to low-growing trees like pitch pines and scrub oaks, as well as prickly-pear cactus and pixie-moss. The wetlands harbor many rare and unusual species, such as carnivorous plants and orchids.

Coastal Plain Meadow

Among the diverse plant life supported in the coastal plain meadow are sweeps of grasses and successively blooming wildflowers, including species native to Staten Island’s scarce serpentine grasslands.

Photos: Albert Vecerka/Esto (left); Stephen N. Severinghaus (right)

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Green Facts

Over the past two decades, BBG scientists have mapped more than 3,000 species within a 100-mile radius of NYC—this data will be used to help conserve native plants and restore habitats.