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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

BBG’s Water Conservation Project will introduce a multifaceted sustainable approach to water management—the first project of its scale and complexity in North America and a model for reducing dependence on freshwater and lessening combined sewer overflow (CSO), a problem in 200 American cities.

A Closer Look at Water Conservation

Water Capture and Recirculation

This project will recirculate rainwater collected throughout BBG’s 52-acre watershed and channel it through the pond-and-brook system, reducing freshwater consumption from 22 million to 900,000 gallons per year.

Reduced Stormwater Discharge

A new Water Garden at the southern end of the brook will play a major role in detaining runoff.

Through such innovations as the use of satellite technology, the Garden will be able to monitor weather and discharge water from the detention pond prior to storm events. This will reduce the wet-weather burden on the storm water system from 8 million gallons to only 2.5 million gallons.

Enhanced Plant Family Collection

Sections of the Plant Family Collection that line both sides of the brook will be augmented with thousands of new trees, shrubs, bulbs, ferns, and other plants.

A new interpretive strategy and enhanced educational programs will use this project to raise water-use awareness and teach conservation techniques.

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Green Facts

The Garden is working to save water, and you can too. The average New York home wastes as much as 11,000 gallons of water each year—that’s 30 gallons a day!