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We invite you to join BBG’s Campaign for the Next Century. Your gift is an investment in the future of Brooklyn Botanic Garden and its focus on community, sustainability, and stewardship for generations to come.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden is pleased to acknowledge the offices of the Mayor and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York City Council, the Brooklyn Borough President, United States Representative Yvette D. Clarke, New York State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, and the Brooklyn delegation to the New York State Senate for their generous early support of the Campaign for the Next Century.

A range of donor recognition opportunities are associated with the Campaign. For information about these opportunities or other Campaign related questions, please contact Julie Lang, managing director of the Campaign and Major Gifts, at or 718-623-7378.

Gifts to the Campaign for the Next Century are fully tax deductible.

The Discovery Garden Takes Root

Butterfly banner for BBG's Discovery Garden

We are grateful for the many individuals whose support of a special fall 2014 appeal has helped the Discovery Garden take root.

Aaron & Melissa Mitchum
Aaron, Isaac and Eli LM
Agnes and James Ford
Alex & Ian Keay, love Bobbi
Alexander the Butterfly
Ali Claremont
Andreé Carter 7/19/2014
Andrew Giurleo
Anthony, Elizabeth, & Samantha
Anwen & Naomi Bruten Paul
Astrid, Axel, and Lena
Audrey Hammer
Ava Josette
Ben-Ben Claremont
Benjamin Landfield
Bernie & Gladys Rosenstein
Brian Alexandre
Camellia, Alek & Asa
Catherine Caughey
Catherine T. Gray
Charles E. Dinkel
Charles Sweet
Charlie and Flora Lang
Charlotte, Wendy, Jill and Joan
Chrissy Amphlett-Drayton
Claire Feuer
Clio Violet
Clotilde Andreu
Craig Rimby
D.M. Desilets and J.I. Kroschwitz
Daphne M. Gilbert and Family
Dave, Maria, & Michael Merli
David C. Mowery
Desmond - Grady
Diane & John McGreevy
Dicus Family
Dominic & Eliot
Dorrian Ifill-Mosley
Dr. Martin Biers, Grandpa
Earl and Paula Black
Edward Aleksey
Eileen M. Dominguez
Eitan Shane
Elaine Arnold
Elizabeth Helen Theofan
Elizabeth Scholtz
Elliot & Emily Turner
Elvira Restifo
Emanuel Mitchell
Emily Giurleo
Emily Lamia
Emma Troncoso
Ethan, Zachary, Alexander & Isabel
Felix Riot
Finn A.P. Hughes
For Jack Jewell who loves nature
Gary Rodgers
Gemma the Butterfly
Gertrude Tofin
Graham F. Ogilvie
Grover Lamia
Hannah & Luci Rawe
Hannalore Joy Anderson Ophardt
Hazel Swallowtail
Helen Mahat
Henry Sweet
Huntly and Mac
Hutch & Donna Jo Ganson
Iliana S - E
Ilya & Yuriy Novodvorskiy
In Loving Memory of Marion Cohen
In Memory of Jean Lange Veronese
In memory of Mary Dunleavy CSJ
Ira Goldfine & Sheila Rashal
Iva Louise Ellison Eisinger
Jake Kravets-Wehby
James Harcourt
Jane H. Gordon
Jared & Bonnie
Jean Malizia
Jean Malizia
Jennifer Gordon
Jeffrey Lamia
Jennifer & Peter Gyr
Jesse Sweet
Jim and Penny Morrill
Jo Mart Chocolates
JoAnn Amidon
John Moses
Johnny Appleseed
Julia Sweet
Keith Goodman
Ken/Fran Fong & Family
Khalil Ethan Gayle
Lakshmi & Srinivas
Lamar & Maya
Lance and Mary
Lauren Cordelia Siegel
Lee and Isaac Tepper
Leslie and Rich
Life is beautiful!
Lincoln, Omoy, Natalie, & Gabrielle
Linda and Alan Horlick
Linda J. Gunn
Luksh Family
Maia and Cassidy Wong
Mama Acogny - Senegal
Marge Poyatt
Mark, Maryanne, & Matthew Elias
Maureen Costello-Estberg
Maya & Kayla Rashid
Michael & Gladys De Martini
Michael Novodvorskiy
Miriam Johnson
Naomi, Aaron & Ben
Natalie Vance
Nathan & Helen Hansom
Nora Fox
Nora N.P. Hughes
Odjidja Family
Orion Duerr Schlecht
Peter Gelles
Poppy Brazil
Porter-Jimenez Family
Ren and Fiona Russo
Richard Shanley
Rise Wilson and Sadiki Walthe
Rob, Elise, Teddy, & George Ryan
Ruby (Dolly) Khadaroo
Ruby Rose
Samantha Brooke Turner
Sandra Bonner Crain
Sandra Sellers Hanson
Sasha & Lazlo Rosenfeld
Scarlett & Milo
Soo Sung Wong-Merli & Robert Merli
Soren the Butterfly
Steven and Betsy
Team McCray
Teresa Anita Dias
Thank You So Much Ashley & Monika
The Arnold Weinberg Family
The Buck Family
The Campbell Family
The Di Marzo/Cavanagh Family
The Ferretti Family
The Grau Family
The Gung Family
The Hsia-Adams Family
The Jackson-Payne Family
The John S. Munzer Family
The Ogilvie Family
The Polinsky Family
The Reade H. Ryan, Jr. Family
The Roelofs Family
The Simmons Family
Theo Longoria
Tobby Rose
Tomek & Lukasz Smith
V Fabucci & Elizabeth Rivera de Garcia
Vasudeva Krishnaswamy
Vera Julia Gordon
Veronica Nathaniel Simon
Violet Wynter
Walker and Milo Devine
Wendell Sweet
Willard "Freddy" Fretwell
Yana Novodvorskaya
YiaYia Ginny Loves You!
Zanny Fox
Zip & Zap, BBG Buds


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